The Website

You’ve heard us mention Houzz before by now. We here at Watermark & Company really dig this great new social networking site dedicated to home remodeling, decorating, building, and furnishing.

On top of allowing you to organize and capture your inspirations and ideas, Houzz is a great place to come up with concepts for your next project. All you have to do is hunt through the Ideabooks put together by Houzz users and/or the site’s own editorial staff.

Why, just this morning we found four fantastic Ideabooks that we thought we’d share with you:

These and so many more Ideabooks are ready for your viewing at Houzz, so why not give it a look today? If you’re so inclined you can even sign up for a free account. And if you do, please consider following your friends at Watermark & Company. It’s a great way to keep up with our latest projects.