Advice from Remodeling Contractors in Austin, TX: Top Home Renovation Projects That Give You More Bang for Your Buck

There are several reasons why you might want to consider doing some remodeling to your current home. It could be that you’ve lived in the home for the past 10 years, so it’s time for home upgrades. Or maybe your family is growing, which means you need more room but don’t want to move to a bigger house. Another likely reason is you are planning to sell. If this is the case, there are some upgrades worth investing in, while others are not recommended, as they won’t contribute much to home value. No matter the reason why you want to invest in a home remodel, it’s good to know which projects have the most to offer.

Here are some suggestions from remodeling contractors in Austin, TX for homeowners looking for renovation projects that will give them the most bang for their buck.

Bathroom upgrade

Are you on a budget, but still want your dream master bathroom or a guest bathroom that dazzles? Keep a couple important points in mind, and it can happen! Replacing ceramic tiles with porcelain tiles for the floors and shower is a cost effective and simple way to give your bathroom new life. And since your bathroom needs to be both beautiful and functional, look into a more modern vanity to suit your lifestyle.

Kitchen remodel

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. To invest your money wisely, assess the condition of the cabinets and countertops—two fixtures that are likely outdated. Working with a tiny budget? Instead of replacing cabinets, for now, give them a fresh coat of paint and replace old hardware. For results that follow your vision, hire a professional kitchen remodeling contractor to tackle the job.

New flooring

One of the top home renovation projects that catches the eyes of homeowners is replacing the flooring. It could be to add interior aesthetics or for health or safety reasons—like if someone in the household is allergic to carpet fibers, or if hardwood floors have become slip hazards. Whether you want carpet or hardwood, there are many options to choose from at great prices. But be sure to shop around, compare prices and buy the best quality material you can afford. After all, your floors see a ton of foot traffic, so they must be strong enough to stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Change windows and doors

Rooms that face out to the backyard should have big windows and glass doors so the sun and view can be enjoyed. Replacing existing basic windows with pop-out windows creates more space and can make the room look and feel a lot bigger. To enhance an exterior facing room, install French doors or glass panel sliding doors that open out to the patio or a small deck. It’s like a mini room addition without the cost.

If you are looking for remodeling contractors in Austin, TX who are creative, organized and professional, then come to the design build team at Watermark & Company. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!

What to Do Before Picking a Contractor for Design Build in Austin, TX

When it comes to planning a new home construction, home addition or structure rebuild, you want to make sure you have the right people working on it. Having the best contractor or project manager leading a team of home designers and builders not only eases your mind, but means a job will get done in a timely manner. You’ll also get to enjoy your new home or renovated space sooner with the help of reputable building professionals. So, since your decision can mean the difference between a high quality home build and an expensive failed home project, it would behoove you to do a little legwork first.

Let’s take a look at some of the steps you should take before deciding on a contractor or project manager for design build in Austin, TX:

  • Ask family and friends: Everybody knows somebody who’s done a big home renovation project or new home build. Reach out to family members and friends for their recommendations, and if you desire a team experienced in quality design build services, make that point clear.
  • Talk to your neighbors: You may have nearby neighbors who’ve recently commissioned a new home construction or room addition. Even if there’s a business sign out front with a number to call, don’t hesitate to ask the homeowner a few questions about their experience. And if you see the team in action or get a chance to speak with the contractor on-site, that’s even better!
  • Post a note on the office bulletin board: Every office has a bulletin board in the break room where you can share all sorts of things with coworkers. So instead of sending a group email asking for design build contractor recommendations, take the approach that is likely to be seen more than once: a note in the break room.
  • Search the Internet: Whether you have companies written down to look up, or this is the start of your search, the Internet is an excellent source for finding the right contractor or project manager for your home project. Scan company websites, read client feedback pages and check out the services each offers, then decide if you want to make contact.
  • Meet in person: After you’ve talked on the phone, ask to meet in person. Meeting face to face is a great way to get a better read on a person, as well as a perfect opportunity to ask your list of questions and concerns. Try to get an office tour to meet other team members.
  • Ask to see past projects: An important step is asking to see past home projects. Flip through design drafts, layout concepts and photos of final constructions. Do this even though you may not understand what you are looking at. You can also request a walk-through of a newly completely home, if possible.

How does having a single team working on your architectural designs, home layout, custom home build and everything in between sound? If you would like to hire a company that specializes in full service design build in Austin, TX, look no further than the experienced team at Watermark & Company.

Take Full Advantage of Design Build in Austin, TX: Useful Custom Home Features to Include in the Process

House shopping can be fun. You get to look at many different houses for sale in various areas, each with its own unique amenities. But, if after months you’re still having trouble finding your dream home, you might want to look into new home construction. Because you’ll have control over its design, it will be exactly what you want in a home. Home building is a huge project, so make sure you work with the right folks to get the desired results.

One of the best things you can do is bring in a team that offers design build combination services. The great thing about opting to hire a company that specializes in design build in Austin, TX is that you get all your building services wrapped into one. In other words, while traditionally you would go to one contractor to draw out your architectural design and home layout, and then to another for custom home building, a design build firm is full service.

Here are some useful custom home features you may consider during the initial design build process:

  • Your dream kitchen: Every passionate home cook deserves a beautiful kitchen, complete with everything they need to whip up savory meals and delicious desserts. Get a piece of paper and sketch the kitchen layout you want. Write in counter size, number of cabinets, where the large appliances will go and where you want your light fixtures, and make an estimate of how many square feet of space you’d like.
  • Skylights: Although skylights can be added later, installing them during the construction process can save you time and money. Skylights are great in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and dining areas, and you can choose the size and whether you want a tint added. Additionally, these ceiling windows provide natural light, which leads to energy savings when you don’t have to use light fixtures as often to see indoors.
  • Outdoor living spaces: From outdoor kitchens to attached sunrooms, outdoor living spaces can be included in the initial building plans—or thought out later and developed as a custom home addition. Reasons you might consider an outdoor space like one of these include having extra space for your family to hang out or having more room to entertain.
  • Master bedroom: Since you’re investing in a custom home, take the opportunity to design the master bathroom to be just as you’ve always imagined. Always wanted an oversized jet tub, a spa-like shower or a marble-top vanity? All these bathroom features and more are right at your fingertips to include in your design plans. And don’t worry if you are not completely sure how you want it laid out—a professional home designer can help you with that.

If the idea of consulting with a full service firm for design build in Austin, TX seems like the best route for your project, then now is the time to contact the experts at Watermark & Company. From custom home designing to remodeling and building, we are ready to discuss your needs, whatever they may be!

Four On The Floor: 4 Great Flooring Idea Articles

Fresh Ideas for Kitchen Floors

There are so many flooring options to consider when you’re undertaking a home renovation, getting started can be hard.

To help, here are four great articles with flooring ideas for the kitchen, bath, bedroom, and more.

So when it’s time to remodel your home, whether you’re working towards your perfect kitchen, a peaceful bath, or adding on a brand new room, don’t forget the floors!

Six Garage Organizing Tips from a Remodeling Contractor in Austin, TX

Don’t let your garage turn into a junk room! If your garage is so messy that you can’t park you car in it or have to climb over boxes to access anything, now is the time to make a change. Let’s take a look at some garage organizing tips from an expert space organizer and remodeling contractor in Austin, TX:

  • Take everything out: First things first: remove everything from your garage. An empty garage gives you the opportunity to start your organizing endeavors from scratch without stuff in the way acting as blinders. Map out how you want to use the space, such as designating areas for activities and where different items will be stored. And, since empty walls and floors may present with holes, cracks and other types of damage, this is the time to make cosmetic repairs.
  • Clear the clutter: Now that you’ve pulled everything out of the garage, it’s the perfect time to sort through it all. Throw away trash and broken items, box up less used items to store and set aside things to donate or give to friends and family. You might also want to make the effort to get rid of any duplicate items—like tools and sports equipment—as well as downsize shoes and kids’ toys.
  • Utilize all available storage space: Taking a good look at your empty garage, you will soon notice how much useable space there is. The walls have room for hooks, hanging rods and even cabinet installations. If your ceiling is high enough, then you can install shelving and racks to slip in bigger, more often used things. Just keep in mind that while utilizing all available storage space is ideal, you still need to be able to park your car without any issues.
  • Plan a remodel: Some homeowners will decide to convert their garage into either a functional living space or designate it as a game room or workshop. Another reason for a room facelift is simply to update a garage with a new coat of paint, new wall and door insulation or drywall replacement. If a garage remodel is on your mind, work with a licensed remodeling contractor in Austin, TX to get the best results possible.
  • Keep like items together: Storing non-perishable and temperature-tolerant things in the garage opens up indoor space for more often used household items and products. So, to make your life a little easier, make sure to group like items together in garage storage so they are easy to find. For example, designate a wire rack for bathroom necessities, one for cleaning supplies and another for sealed beverage containers.
  • Label storage containers: There’s nothing more annoying than going out to the garage to retrieve something, only to encounter a dozen unmarked boxes. Clearly marking each box, drawer, bin and cabinet door will not only save you from headaches, but also prevent wasted time.

Whether you want some help organizing your garage for optimal use, need garage accessories or are contemplating renovating your garage, the professional team at Watermark & Company is ready with helping hands. Don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with one of our experienced home organizers or a remodeling contractor in Austin, TX!

Choosing Your General Contractor in Austin, TX

Choosing a general contractor is not a job to take lightly. You need to consider experience, state registration status and communication skills when you interview contractors and start accepting bids. Many people who choose based on price alone end up burned in the end. Here is why you need to take your time to choose the best general contractor in Austin, TX for your remodeling or home design project:

• Trust: Saving money offers little comfort when you decide on a shady character on price alone. Remodeling often occurs while you are still at work, or there will be times when it is best for you not to be at home. Basically, unless you work at home, you cannot supervise a contractor all the time. If a contractor does not make a good impression, go with your feelings and do not hire them. The impacts from bad contractors can become expensive and stressful, which makes that low price much less desirable.

• Experience: There is always a chance that something unexpected will happen. A construction flaw within your walls could force a contractor to change plans or make a repair before building an addition. You want experience so these situations are recognized and solved.

• Thoroughness: Spend enough time on review sites online and you may find instances where a contractor wanted to get the job finished and get paid—leaving skipped steps and mistakes in the process. It may mean one wall in a room is left un-insulated, or a kitchen faucet drips even though it is new and only recently installed. Good contractors take the time needed to finish work correctly and give you accurate timelines as to completion.

• Communication: If anything delays construction or project completion, a good contractor does not leave you guessing. They tell you of the contingencies and the cost of addressing them, if that increases the amount of the original estimate. Renovations are frequently stressful because you may be denied access to parts of your home for a while. There is no need to suffer further from not knowing what is going on with the project.

• Expense: A cheap estimate can become a big expense later. When walls fail, lighting shorts out and cabinets start to become loose, that is a repair job for a better contractor. Your once low estimate now becomes a liability, and you end up having to spend more. When you hire a reputable contractor, the price will reflect the quality or work and expertise. In this industry, you get what you pay for, so be cautious of low estimates.

• Legal protection: A good contractor is registered with the board, carries workers’ compensation and liability insurance and pays into a bond. If anything goes horribly wrong, these measures assure you have a remedy and your homeowners’ insurance goes untouched. Contractors who fail to cover these items expose homeowners to liability and offer no remedy if they fail to finish the job or perform shoddy work.

Watermark & Company is a reliable and skilled general contractor in Austin, TX. We are a full-service design and build firm. Call us today to assist with your renovation ideas.

Remodeling Contractors in Austin, TX Recommend These Upgrades for 2017

When your budget is limited but your home needs upgrades, your focus needs to be where you can get the most bang for your buck. Remodeling contractors in Austin, TX frequently notice how some remodels pay off more than others in terms of home value and usefulness to residents. If you are considering a remodel, here are the projects most worth your time and dollars:

• Kitchens: There is nothing petty about wanting a modernized kitchen. New developments in efficiency and accessibility make a new kitchen a sought-after project that pays for itself for years in the future. If you are selling a home, stainless steel appliances and new counters are often all you need to close the deal. Kitchen remodeling does not have to be all-encompassing. We can examine your kitchen and design changes from the basic face-lift to a complete reconstruction.

• Bathrooms: Like kitchens, bathrooms have big impacts when it comes to home value. Stained tubs and broken bath tiles go beyond looks and affect your overall morale. If the bathroom is small, we can also make better use of space with strategic shelving and improved layouts. There are many options for bathrooms that only depend on your budget or vision. You do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a better, more modern bathroom.

• Floors: Going from carpet to hardwoods offers many advantages in terms of appearance, ease of maintenance and even controlling allergies. Hardwoods are also very popular and appropriate for any room in the house. You also have the option of stone floors in bathrooms or kitchens, and can even install in-floor heating. Think beyond carpet and see how new floors can improve the look and cleanliness of your home.

• Wood decks: Outdoor improvements also yield big impacts. If you do not have a deck outside, this addition can make a big difference in home value and your enjoyment. This addition has one of the highest returns on investment, with most decks recouping an average of over 80 percent of the cost. There is no reason to settle for a concrete patio when a beautiful wood deck expands options for enjoying and selling your home.

• Attic bedrooms: The attic bedroom is a favorite among homeowners. This improvement does not require expanding the roof and foundation of your home—it is mainly a better use of space. You can convert the attic for other purposes, too, like a home office or a child’s playroom. This project is a cost-effective way to add extra space with less effort than if you were to build a new addition.

• Finish your basement: Your basement does not need to remain the creepy place that is home to your furnace. The possibilities for basements are endless; they can become media rooms, guest bedrooms, craft rooms or even an efficiency apartment if you want to bring in extra rental income.

Watermark & Company are among the most skilled and reliable remodeling contractors in Austin, TX. Call us today to discuss your ideas.

Three Times to Hire a Professional for Home Organization in Austin, TX

Life can be stressful. Between working full time and driving the kids to and from school before scrambling home to make dinner, it can be difficult to find time to keep the home organized and clean. As much as you’d probably like to have a clean house, it’s easy for clutter to build up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Unfortunately, this disorganization can often leave you feeling stressed and anxious. You might even find yourself worrying about when you’ll ever find time to clean out an overstuffed pantry or a packed garage.

Luckily, it’s easy to take the stress out of home organization in Austin, TX with the help of a professional. A professional home organizer can use their expertise to craft a custom organization system for their clients. In addition to helping you clean out your items, the consultant can also work with you to develop your own organization skills so it will be easier to keep everything running smoothly in the future.

Read on to discover three instances when the help of a home organization specialist can benefit your life.

Constant clutter

Do you constantly find yourself overwhelmed by piles of paperwork in your home office? Are you often late to things because you can’t seem to find your car keys? Is your closet just a pile of clothes on the floor, rather than nicely organized on hangers or in drawers? If any of these situations sounds like yours, it’s time to bring in a professional organizer. They’ll help you develop the perfect system to manage all of your belongings and spaces within your home.


Undertaking a home remodeling project provides the perfect time to consider your organization and storage options. Consult a home organization specialist to help design the optimal space. Start the construction project on the right foot by identifying the best ways to utilize the room. This might include identifying the best storage options in the space, such as installing shelves or a closet. By starting early, the organization will fit the room, instead of overwhelming it.

Major life change

Your family will go through quite a few changes over the years. From marriage to new babies and kids going off to college, a good home should be able to change quickly and seamlessly to accommodate a wide range of life events. Whether it’s transitioning a home office into a bedroom after grandma moves in or converting a game room into a nursery for a new baby, it’s a smart move to bring in a professional organizer to help everyone transition smoothly.

Take advantage of every inch of your home for maximum organization by calling the professionals at Watermark & Company. Our team can custom design any room in your home to make navigating your living space a bit easier for both you and your loved ones. From custom closets to garage organization, let the experienced team at Watermark & Company show you how home organization in Austin, TX can transform practically any space.

How a Small Investment in Window Treatments in Austin, TX Can Benefit Your Home

The windows on your home have a much bigger impact than you might think. A great window provides you with a view of the outside world, while drapes can help define the overall interior style of your home. Window treatments are a useful and cost effective way to get the most options out of your windows. But the benefits aren’t just limited to aesthetics. Using drapes, curtains, blinds, shades or shutters to cover your windows can do everything from blocking the sun to providing your family with additional privacy from those passing by your home.

Here are four ways your home can benefit from the installation of window treatments in Austin, TX.

Energy savings

Do your energy bills tend to be larger during the warmer months of the year? You may want to consider installing window treatments before you think about installing a new air conditioner. Window treatments help conserve energy while also reducing the cost of cooling your home. On top of that, they also act as an insulator, which will prevent the heat from entering your home during the summer months, while keeping the warm air trapped inside in the winter.

Additional control of light

You deserve to have complete control of the lighting in your home. Window treatments provide you with the ability to decide how much light—if any—you have entering a room from the outside at any given time. Open or close the shades or blinds based on how much natural lighting you want while watching TV or reading a book. Some options even allow you to achieve a total black out during the middle of the day, while less opaque options can fill your home with a softer light.

Shape the mood

An open window framed by white shutters may be great for a morning yoga session, but dark floor-length curtains tend to create an elegant atmosphere for an upscale dinner party. Shape the mood of each room by installing a window treatment can help you have the best of both worlds. Selecting certain colors, textures and patterns will help you create a unique atmosphere within each room of your home.
Increase in privacy

Unfortunately, an open window is often an invitation for any passersby to peer into your home. Installing window treatments in Austin, TX will provide you with an added level of privacy. This can be especially helpful in housing options where the residence tend to be situated a bit closer together, such as apartments or townhomes. Not only does this added protection increase the level of comfort in your home, but it will also keep potential thieves from determining whether anyone is home or if there’s anything valuable to steal. You’ll have complete privacy and an additional level of security just by simply closing the drapes or curtains.

Take advantage of the full range of benefits window treatments have to offer by contacting Watermark & Company. Call our Austin, TX office today to request a quote and learn more about the options available to you.

Is Your House Feeling Too Small? Time to Consider Professional Home Organization in Austin, TX

Nobody likes coming home to an unorganized house. There is something about looking around your environment and feeling it close in on you that makes clutter a detriment to the comfort of your own home. Sometimes you become so used to it that you don’t even realize it exists. There isn’t a shortage of options for home organization in Austin, TX, so it’s important to consider what makes the most sense for you. You would hate to see one organization project simply create more organizational chaos in another place in your home.

The following options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do to make your house a more inviting place. Some of these will make a room or closet feel twice the size, while others will make those easily misplaced objects quick to be found. No matter which way you slice it, these ideas and features are bound to have an impact on the ambience of your home:

• Introduce your kitchen to Susan: Is there anything more frustrating than fumbling around deep in the back of a corner kitchen cabinet? Grab a lazy Susan, and with a simple flick of your wrist, you can review every item you put away. Nothing will get pushed back into the corner of your cupboard again.

• Double your closet space: You can literally never have too much closet space, and adding shelving units provides the perfect opportunity for expanding your possibilities. Sections can be designed for each family member, and concealed baskets can let you control what’s on display.

• Always find what you are looking for: A hook here. A basket there. It’s amazing how much easier things are to find when you use simple solutions. Next time you open your pantry door, imagine the space a few dish hangers and shelf dividers can activate.

• Optimize garage storage: Home organization in Austin, TX isn’t just limited to your main living spaces. The most important thing to do in the garage is provide enough shelving to keep all your items while leaving enough wall space for you to hang your tools.

• Bathrooms are about the little things: Smaller rooms are often the most dependent on smaller things to help take advantage of your space. Consider installing something like a curtain rod that also serves as a place for you to hang your towels. Even additional storage in your bathroom drawers can get you moving faster in the mornings.

Watermark & Company understands that your home is your sanctuary, and the way your house is organized can directly impact your mood. Opportunities to create new space can be found anywhere from your laundry room to kitchen pantries. Even though you may look around and see life as usual, you may want to consider bringing in a fresh pair of eyes to get a feel for the impact of a little home organization. Whatever you need, Watermark & Company can make happen. Call us today for more information about home organization in Austin, TX.

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