Hidden Door 1

Here’s another example of the creative solutions Watermark & Company provides for our remodeling clients: a “hidden” exterior door in a game room.

The Remodeling Challenge

A current client asked us to provide a “hidden” door in the newly-conditioned game room (formerly an unconditioned garage) as part of their whole home renovation. Their inspiration came from a photo of a similar implementation found on the internet.

How did we do it?

By eliminating the door casing on the interior wall, using precisely-cut, richly-textured wallpaper, and wood paneling in a regular repeating pattern, we were able to provide a door that is practically invisible to the casual observer.

Both the door frame and door itself feature hidden hinges. The door was installed so that its surface is flush with the wall. Per the client’s design request, no handle was installed on the door. Thus, only the deadbolt lock indicates that something unusual is taking place on this wall. From outside, this door looks as one would expect, but its existence is nicely concealed when one is standing in the room.

Because this door swings inward – making it a right-hand door, if you’re curious – slight angles had to be cut into the paneling on the hinge-side of the doorway. This bevel allows the door to swing open a full 90° and is the only other significant visual clue that a door is present in the wall.

Let Us Solve Your Remodeling Challenge

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