Watermark & Company is dedicated to providing our clients with the renovations they desire. Here’s a great example of the ways in which we put our know-how and skills to work…

The Remodeling Challenge

A current client asked us to find a way to remove the need for corbels on the island cabinet countertop in the kitchen renovation we’re currently performing for them.

Corbels are the decorative angled brackets that support a solid surface countertop overhang. And while traditional corbels are nice, they can at times interfere with bar stools and even the knees of people sitting at the counter.

So we implemented a way of eliminating these traditional supports that meets this goal.

How did we do it?

Invisible Corbels

We custom fabricated flat steel supports with counter sunk holes for screw attachment. We added wood braces to the cabinet tops and cut a recess into the cabinet tops to receive the corbel-replacing braces, which allowed them to sit flush under the countertop. This provides an even distribution of weight at the countertop over hang, thus eliminating the need for traditional corbels.

For maximum safety, we ground the cut ends of the steel smooth to prevent any sharp edges.

Let Us Solve Your Remodeling Challenge

Watermark & Company is ready to bring our problem-solving skills to your home renovation. No matter what you’re looking to do, we’ll find a way to do it.

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