Congratulations! You’ve decided to build a brand new home with home builders in Austin, TX. While you’re probably eagerly thinking about what you’d like each room to look like and thinking about which of your existing furniture items you’d like to bring with you, don’t forget to also take time to think through the work you can have performed to help ensure that you’re putting as much value as possible into your new house.

By paying more upfront for some of these services now, you’re providing your home with a better shelf life and bringing the best value to you and your family when it comes time for assessment and appraisal. The following items might give you some ideas of the valuable investments that could make sense for your home.

Go for real wood floors

Homes with real wood floors can be especially attractive to potential buyers. Ask your flooring professional about different types of wood and the variety of staining options that may be available.

Outfitting your home with real wood floors now while your new home is still being built can save you time and energy later. If deciding on new flooring is something you wait on until you’re already comfortably living in your new home, the flooring process will cause changes to your existing routine and how you are able to use your space during the period the work is being performed.

Add more light

If you don’t feel like your new home is receiving enough light, chances are that future potential buyers won’t, either. There’s an easy fix to this solution—a lighting professional can install recessed lighting in rooms like the bathrooms and kitchen to give your home a brighter appearance.

If you feel a smaller lighting change is the way to go, a lighting professional can install dimmer switches in one or more rooms.

Install an updated HVAC unit

If you plan to be in your new home for a long time, installing an updated furnace or HVAC unit can result in rebates and energy savings. Down the line, an HVAC unit that has been updated will likely be seen as a desirable feature by the home’s next potential buyers.

Install updated plumbing

According to the experts, plumbing is often an important consideration for appraisers in determining the value of your home. Making sure your plumbing is as updated as possible is a smart solution.

Many modern plumbing repairs and updates can be performed in a much more streamlined fashion than in the past and may cost less than you are expecting.

Insulate your attic

Did you know that if your attic has poor insulation, about 30% of the air produced by your furnace is essentially wasted? Insulating your attic is a fairly straightforward project for professionals.

If you have any questions about these services and how they can add value to your new home, would like a quote or are ready to request an appointment with home builders in Austin, TX, contact the experts at Watermark & Company at 512-222-3229. We offer architectural and interior design services, custom home building, whole home renovations, room additions, kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling.