If you’re planning a large home renovation project, are you considering serving as your own general contractor rather than hiring a professional? While overseeing the project on your own may seem like a logical solution, it can become very easy for things to go off track, making the process of hiring a general contractor a more sensible choice.

Here’s why hiring a general contractor for your home renovation project in Austin, TX, is a better idea than taking on your own project.

  1. Relying on someone else saves you time and energy: General contractors need to know the order in which subcontractors must perform their respective tasks. They are also responsible for scheduling the work and the materials, knowing which materials need to be ordered and placing the order.

Hiring a general contractor ensures that the professional you work with will be familiar with the ins and outs of working with subcontractors and can handle the day-to-day project management. In addition, working with materials and knowing what to order will be second nature for them. All of this saves you time, not to mention energy.

  1. Your costs can be significantly reduced: Some homeowners opt to function as their own general contractors to spend less money on the typical fee paid to a professional (about 10-25 percent of a project’s overall cost). However, buying or bidding on every service or material individually, rather than allowing a professional general contractor to perform the process for you, quickly adds up.

From a subcontracting perspective, a subcontractor working with a general contractor frequently charges this professional quite a bit less (around 10-15%) than the amount they would charge if they worked with you directly as a homeowner serving as your project’s general contractor. This means that it’s quite likely that you would not receive the savings you anticipated.

  1. You may have difficulty hiring subcontractors: It’s not uncommon for electricians, landscapers, plumbers and other home renovation professionals to prioritize accepting jobs from general contractors. Accepting these jobs first gives them steadier work, so they may not be as eager to take on business directly from a homeowner.
  2. You will have fewer people to oversee: If you function as your own general contractor, you’ll be responsible for researching everyone that you work with, choosing who is the best fit and then working with them accordingly.

A general contractor will manage subcontractors for you and have the experience to handle scheduling, as well as any logistical issues that may arise.

  1. You will experience fewer headaches when work needs to be redone: Because a general contractor provides warranties on the work they—or the subcontractors they hire—complete, you’ll receive replacement work or products at no charge if a task is performed incorrectly. If you serve as your own general contractor, however, you’ll be responsible for any charges if a product malfunctions or a service is performed incorrectly.

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