Life would be a lot easier for everyone if homes simply held their worth and evolved like a self-sustaining eco-system. Unfortunately that is not the case, and homeowners have to view the roof over their head as an asset whose value can fluctuate with every turn of the calendar. It’s easy to forget that, even if you make a renovation, it doesn’t necessarily mean a guaranteed ROI down the line. Luckily, things like window treatments in Austin, TX and other investments in home improvements can go a long way towards increasing the value of your home.

Many people look at the neighborhood they live in as a key indicator of their home value, but these six renovation ideas are perfect examples of things you can take into your own hands:

• Rebuild the organs: Although it isn’t in view to the open eye, old and decrepit plumbing can plummet the value of your home. New technology has made replacing old piping easier and more affordable than in the past, making it more of an expectation.

• Window treatments: You can never underestimate the importance of window treatments in Austin, TX, so don’t ignore the impact of the scorching hot summers. There are a variety of options from drapes to shades that, if done right, can provide the perfect ambiance.

• Kitchen comes first: It isn’t a coincidence that one of the first places people judge a house on is the kitchen. The layout is just as important as the appliances, so make sure you take every aspect into account before making a renovation. No detail is too little!

• Don’t forget the garage: Even if the garage is just a place you park your cars and store some tools, it should never go forgotten. Garage improvements have one of the highest ROIs among all renovation projects and represent your house in the same way as a front door.

• Never enough bathrooms: Are you done in there yet? According to the National Association of Homebuilders, something as simple as adding a half bathroom can boost your home value by 10.5 percent. If you don’t have the space, then consider improvements to the style, like an additional sink or new fixtures.

• Exterior design: You often hear the term “interior design,” but make sure you don’t forget about the exterior of your home, too. Your landscaping is the first thing a visitor will see, and it can leave an understated impression on the house. This is an instance where potential buyers will certainly judge a book by its cover.

Now that you are thinking about your house as an investment rather than just as a shelter from the storm, it’s important to remember minor decisions can have an impact on your home’s value over time. Although renovations can be a result of immediate needs, it’s not a project done right unless you keep the future in mind as well. Watermark & Company values the importance of ROI when undertaking any project and has a deep understanding of the house as an asset, not just a place you rest your head. Call us today to learn more about window treatments in Austin, TX and the other services we can provide for your home.