Austin Skyline

Yesterday brought news that Google will be bringing Google Fiber, its ultra high-speed Internet and television service to Austin. Almost immediately AT&T responded that they’ll roll out something similar to compete. This is just one more feather in Austin’s cap, amigos, and it serves to remind us all that our town is a great place to live and work.

Austin Is Someplace Special

This news is also a fantastic reminder that people all over the world view Austin as someplace special. Here are just a few more examples of how highly Austin and its institutions are regarded:

Of course, when there’s this much love for a town, there’s bound to be some bitter, jealous types out there. But we won’t hold a man’s opinion against him; especially when we who live here (or aim to live here soon) know the truth.

Economic Impact Expected

The rollout of Google Fiber – and AT&T’s competing service – is expected to cause something of a boom in Austin’s already strong technology sector. At least, if the developments in Kansas City – the first city to get Google Fiber – are any indication:

Since Google launched the Kansas City fiber rollout, the company has been touting the emergence of “Silicon Prairie.” The company points to initiatives like Kansas City Startup Village, and new businesses are already beginning to blossom. One prominent Colorado-based venture capitalist even bought a house in a Google Fiber-equipped neighborhood – and then launched a competition for entrepreneurs to live there rent-free. “The whole start-up thing in Kansas City is like this huge growing beast,” local Web developer Ben Barreth recently told the Associated Press. “It’s got this crazy momentum.”
Time, Report: Google Fiber Heading to Austin as Cities Race to Boost Web Speeds

An Exciting Time To Remodel

When news like this develops, it invariably means an increase in home renovation and remodeling in Austin. As people become more confident in our local economy, and as new people more to Austin to take part in our prosperity, Austin remodeling activity goes up. And who can blame folks for wanting to increase the livability (and value) of their homes?

So if you’re among the folks lucky enough to live in Austin already, or if you’re headed this way soon, and it’s time for your next home remodeling project, drop us a line and we’ll get started on a free, detailed quote for you almost as fast as a gigabit internet connection.