normal_Austin Energy Green Building logoWe all know that Austin is a green city. From our exceptional single stream recycling program to our numerous water conservation efforts, Austin and its residents go to great lengths to protect the beautiful environment that makes this such an amazing place to live.

Add to these efforts the Austin Energy Green Building Program (AEGB) – the oldest and most successful sustainable building program in the nation – and you’ve got one of the greenest cities in North America.

Launched way back in 1990, AEGB focuses on promoting the design and construction of more sustainable homes and buildings. Or, as the AEGB website puts it, their mission is “to lead the transformation of the building industry to a sustainable future.”

The AEGB has developed its own Austin-specific one-to-five star rating system to allow them the flexibility to carry out Austin’s aggressive climate protection goals. These ratings guide and direct energy and building code changes that reduce building energy use.

So if, like Watermark & Company, you’re looking to build green, the AEGB has the information and assistance you need. And if you’re looking to buy green, the AEGB’s five-star rating system can help you find the environmentally-sound home of your dreams.

To quote the AEGB website again, homes built in conjunction with AEGB are:

  • Beautiful, functional, and comfortable.
  • Durable, easy to maintain, and economical to operate.
  • Energy, water, and materials-efficient. Healthier and safer.
  • Good for the community and the planet.

That sounds great to us!

If you’d like to learn more about the AEGB, they have full calendar of events for homeowners at their website.