Believe it or not, it’s already February. The Super Bowl is upon us and after that, baseball’s Spring Training will begin. Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

To help you make the most of that time, our friends at Houzz have published a couple of checklists to guide your productivity in this shortest of months, and we thought we’d share them with you.

First up, there’s the February Checklist for a Smooth-Running Home, which is bound to interest all of our readers. As the Houzz folks put it:

Stay toasty warm at home while saving energy, enjoy the light of lengthening days streaming through your freshly cleaned windows and take a break to plan next season’s garden over a cup of tea. From the preventive (dealing with flu-season germs) to the purely fun (give your house a valentine), this checklist is filled with helpful tips to keep your home running smoothly all month long.

The second piece worth reading is the Texas Gardener’s February Checklist, which offers up the following advice:

Even though the thermometer encourages you to stay indoors, February is a great month to get outside and get your hands dirty. You can start plants in nearly every category this month as seeds or small transplants, and you can work and improve the soil in preparation for spring planting. So brave the chill and promise yourself a cup of hot tea at the end of the afternoon – your garden awaits, and it will thank you and pay you back in spades in a couple of months.

Getting your home and garden ready for spring makes good sense, whether you’re working towards a renovation or not, and these checklists can help you remember tasks that might otherwise slip between the cracks. Just remember that you’ve got the entire month to work on these, so there’s no reason you have to miss the big game on Sunday.