Home additions are exciting. You likely look forward to the additional space, whether it is for a workshop, craft room or a screened-in porch. However, you need to be prepared before the project begins and know what to expect when it is in progress. Here is how you can be better prepared for home additions in Austin, TX and assure the process is completed in a smooth and timely manner:

  • Have a vision: Never go into any remodeling project without a plan. Start with what you see as missing in your home. Do you need a home office? More craft space? A playroom? Having a purpose will define the addition or the required change. For the technologically driven, there are computer-aided design programs for consumers to help you get an idea of possible layouts and floor plans so you can better explain your ideas to a designer. In these early stages, do not be afraid to ask for help. General ideas can lead to more specific details if you speak with a professional in this field.
  • Review options: Additional square footage may appear to be your only solution, but there could be more cost-effective options available. Your remodeling efforts could get the same results by using space better. Rather than a larger home office, perhaps you only require built‑in cabinets or more electrical outlets. Improved closets in a master bedroom can eliminate furniture so there is more room for a sitting area. Basically, if you can change your home without ripping out entire walls, that could be a preferable course of action.
  • Be decisive: This is not a good time to change your mind at the last minute. Designs must pass a permit process, and if you decide on another course of action, those ideas will need to be put through that review again. Permits can be time-consuming and expensive, so make sure the final plans match your vision before embarking on them.
  • Choose materials: Insulation, electrical parts, foundations and windows are up to the contractor. The benefits and disadvantages of certain materials will be reviewed with you first, so prepare to make decisions in that area as well. Aesthetic materials like countertops and flooring will be up to you, as well as any interior or exterior paint choices. If you get hung up on these decisions, go back to your original reasons for the additions. That will help you determine what you require more: durability or an attractive appearance.
  • Fully anticipate the finished product: There will be disruption. Dust, noise and people moving on- and offsite will be your reality until the additions are completed. You will also need to assure the safety of any animals in your home and be aware of progress. If you have doubts about quality standards or deadlines, ask your contractor. There is likely a good explanation for anything that appears irregular.

Watermark & Company offers a design build approach to home additions in Austin, TX. If you would like to discuss your ideas with an experienced contractor, call us to request a consultation and a project quote.