Framing is a building technique in which vertical structural members (studs) are attached and then covered by a roof comprised of horizontal ceiling joists and sloping rafters to provide a stable structure for interior and exterior wall coverings. It is, literally, building a frame for a structure.

When your home remodeling project includes a room addition, framing will have to occur. Even if your project doesn’t involve new structures, repairs to the existing framing, which will be likely be exposed as part of the renovation, are commonplace. Therefore it’s a good idea to have at least some basic knowledge of what to look for when your contractor is in the framing stage of the renovation.

In this installment of our Renovation Tips video series, Watermark & Company Principal Mike Paclik, CR, covers six quality control checks that you as a homeowner can use when framing is part of your project.

This video, and the others in the series, is also available on the Watermark & Company YouTube Channel.