If you are already putting time and money into bathroom remodeling in Austin, TX, it is likely that you are looking into a new shower, too. The typical bath-and-shower combination can get boring after a while or may lack the desired accessibility. Here are six ideas for showers in your newly modernized bathroom:

  • The frameless enclosure: Framed shower enclosures are common because they are low-cost and durable. If you lived in rental properties, you likely had a framed shower door. However, getting a frameless enclosure will look better and also be easier to maintain. There are fewer crevices for mold to hide in, and these types of enclosures only need a quick occasional wipe-down. If your bathroom is small with fewer options for change, this is one minor adjustment that can make a big difference.
  • Tile and glass: If you decide on a frameless enclosure, your possibilities expand further. Choose colorful decorative tile to create an art piece of a shower. Using different colors and patterns, you can assemble tile mosaics. People who remodel on a budget but desire more color and décor in their bathrooms often rely on a combination of tile and glass to create that look.
  • Add texture: Frosted glass is common and homeowners like it for privacy. However, it often lacks in the style department. Textured glass is a better alternative. It offers privacy, but also more transparency, so light disburses better. You can find patterns similar to running water or choose geometric shapes. There are even animal or celestial themes available in textured glass.
  • Go industrial: Some customers want a truly modern look. Aluminum and glass combinations in your bathroom create an industrial style that often presents well in recently refurbished historic homes or lofts. The aluminum framing can create many different patterns that are only limited by imagination and preference. There is even the possibility of casting shadow patterns throughout your bathroom.  People who are looking for something slightly different often enjoy this approach.
  • The igloo effect: Glass blocks are another fun alternative to mainstream shower doors. Resembling blocks of ice, this material stacks to create shower spaces that do not have doors. The walls themselves control water flow and the glass adds texture to the bathroom. If you have a larger bathroom, glass blocks are very versatile and you can choose different layouts. Some customers like to go with the typical ice fort look, while others embrace octagons and other eclectic shapes. Layouts are only limited by space and your imagination.
  • No enclosure: If you are prepared for something truly new, go without the shower enclosure. Rather than invest in a new door, tuck your shower up against a wall, add a tile wall to control water and create the ultimate walk-in shower experience. This design is very accessible for people with mobility issues and it allows space for a shower bench. For additional luxury, add a heated floor and heat lamp, too.

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