The windows on your home have a much bigger impact than you might think. A great window provides you with a view of the outside world, while drapes can help define the overall interior style of your home. Window treatments are a useful and cost effective way to get the most options out of your windows. But the benefits aren’t just limited to aesthetics. Using drapes, curtains, blinds, shades or shutters to cover your windows can do everything from blocking the sun to providing your family with additional privacy from those passing by your home.

Here are four ways your home can benefit from the installation of window treatments in Austin, TX.

Energy savings

Do your energy bills tend to be larger during the warmer months of the year? You may want to consider installing window treatments before you think about installing a new air conditioner. Window treatments help conserve energy while also reducing the cost of cooling your home. On top of that, they also act as an insulator, which will prevent the heat from entering your home during the summer months, while keeping the warm air trapped inside in the winter.

Additional control of light

You deserve to have complete control of the lighting in your home. Window treatments provide you with the ability to decide how much light—if any—you have entering a room from the outside at any given time. Open or close the shades or blinds based on how much natural lighting you want while watching TV or reading a book. Some options even allow you to achieve a total black out during the middle of the day, while less opaque options can fill your home with a softer light.

Shape the mood

An open window framed by white shutters may be great for a morning yoga session, but dark floor-length curtains tend to create an elegant atmosphere for an upscale dinner party. Shape the mood of each room by installing a window treatment can help you have the best of both worlds. Selecting certain colors, textures and patterns will help you create a unique atmosphere within each room of your home.
Increase in privacy

Unfortunately, an open window is often an invitation for any passersby to peer into your home. Installing window treatments in Austin, TX will provide you with an added level of privacy. This can be especially helpful in housing options where the residence tend to be situated a bit closer together, such as apartments or townhomes. Not only does this added protection increase the level of comfort in your home, but it will also keep potential thieves from determining whether anyone is home or if there’s anything valuable to steal. You’ll have complete privacy and an additional level of security just by simply closing the drapes or curtains.

Take advantage of the full range of benefits window treatments have to offer by contacting Watermark & Company. Call our Austin, TX office today to request a quote and learn more about the options available to you.