When you are remodeling a part of your house, time and budget are the two factors that influence the success of the project. Keeping these two items in check during all phases of the construction process can mean the difference in whether your project experiences scope creep or not. Scope creep is when the budget and timeline for your remodeling project gets inflated, by adding more and more work, causing it to get overblown and out of reach. When working with a remodeling contractor in Austin, TX, here are some ways to ensure scope creep doesn’t happen to you:

  • Define the project: Speak to your remodeling contractor in Austin, TX about the expected costs associated with the scope of your remodeling project. Don’t rely on guesstimates to assume what your remodel will cost. Get hard facts from a professional about what the projected timeline and costs will be to complete your project as you envision it.
  • Identify your budget: Pinpoint every cost that will be associated with your remodeling project. A remodeling contractor in Austin, TX should be able to give you a breakdown so you can see where your funds are going. Keep in mind that while construction costs may be the largest part of your budget, they are not the total budget. You want to have money left for decorating, landscaping and furniture.
  • Plan for splurges: Think about the areas of your remodel that are important to you, and plan to splurge on some items to make them special to you. Pick features that you will enjoy and that will make an impact on the room you are remodeling. Plan this into your budget.
  • Think about alternatives: While it is tempting to keep adding to your budget, especially when you find something spectacular that you want include in your remodel, if you truly must incorporate your find into your plan, talk to your remodeling contractor in Austin, TX about other areas where you can cut costs to accommodate your new request. It’s about tradeoffs and staying on track for budget and time.
  • Have a contingency plan in place: Be prepared for hiccups to arise in the construction phase of your remodel. Problems can occur and can eat into your budget. Have a plan in place for these challenges by dedicating 15 to 20 percent of your budget to these sorts of issues. As the project progresses and you feel comfortable about its direction, you can reallocate a portion of these funds, as fewer contingency funds will be needed toward the end of the remodel.

By planning ahead and sticking to your budget, you can avoid scope creep in your remodeling project. Communicate with your remodeling contractor in Austin, TX about your expectations and what you expect to spend. Stick with this plan and forego extravagant additions to the project. For your next remodeling venture, contact Watermark & Company, an award-winning design and build firm serving the Austin, TX area. We specialize in custom home building and residential remodeling.