The folks at Remodeling Magazine have released their 2013 Remodeling Cost Vs Value Report, which includes a selection of data specific to our very own beloved Austin.

Surprising no one, the return on investment (ROI) for almost every type of remodeling project you can consider is up over the 2011-2012 values. And that means that now is a great time to undertake a renovation, financially-speaking, since the improvements you make today will hold their value down the road.

Some Austin-specific highlights include:

  • Master Suite Addition: 67.3% ROI
  • Second Story Addition: 67.4% ROI
  • Major Kitchen Remodel: 72.9% ROI
  • Bathroom Remodel: 72.5% ROI
  • Bathroom Addition: 62.3% ROI

You can see all of the data, for Austin and the rest of the country, at the Remodeling Cost Vs Value 2013 home page.