If you’ve ever felt the hot Texas sun blazing through your windows, raising the temperature in your home, you know the importance of a good window treatment. Being able to shut the blinds or pull the drapes closed on that sun does wonders for your comfort level and quality of life on a bright, sunny day!

But which window treatment is right for your home? With so many to choose from, many homeowners often resign to picking the cheapest option or the one that best matches their décor. In reality, making the right choice means putting a little more consideration into vetting each option. Let’s take a look at a few window treatments in Austin, TX and which situations they’re best suited for.

Wood blinds

If you’re seeking a long-term investment that’s going to pay dividends in style, functionality and quality, wood blinds are a great place to start. You’ll pay a higher upfront cost to get this type of treatment in your home, but that initial price tag is mitigated by the long life and durability that wood embodies. In addition, wood blinds are easy to operate (slat design) and can be highly customized to meet your décor.

The cons of wood blinds? If applied to large windows, they can look drab and uninspiring. Cost is also a major barrier for homeowners looking to outfit multiple rooms with this option.


Perhaps the simplest of all window treatments in Austin, TX, drapes are also extremely customizable and can add to a room’s décor fundamentals. The cost of drapery is also very low—in fact, you can even DIY drapes if you’re crafty and thrifty enough! Drapes are also great at completely impeding sunlight.

The drawbacks here are the flimsy nature of drapes. If you have kids or pets, expect your drapery to suffer. Drapery can also become very dirty with time and requires washing (sometimes professionally). Also, drapes are usually an “all or nothing” window treatment when it comes to the amount of sunlight they let in.


Shades are the most advanced option for window treatments in Austin, TX and come with a bevy of technologies to support them. Remote controlled blinds are extremely popular, as well as sun-sensitive shades that increase or decrease tint based on the heat sensed on incoming sunlight. Shades are also ideal for larger windows and are a cost-effective whole-home solution when chosen sans technology.

The downfall of drapes is their simplistic, often subpar appearance—unless paired with drapes, they can look very minimalistic and unimpressive. Technology trends are also increasing the price of shades as you climb your way up the quality ladder.

Picking the right option

Choosing the right window treatment for your home comes down to assessing the pros and cons of each and weighing them against the atmosphere of your home. Are you trying to block out an intense Texas sun, or are you looking to enhance your décor? Do you have pets who might disrupt your window treatments? Are you looking to make a grand investment that will pay off in the long run? All of these questions and more are important to consider.

If you need help picking window treatments in Austin, TX, consult with the professionals at Watermark & Company today. We have experience in helping you get to the bottom of your choices, so you’re left with the best one for you and your home.