If there’s one thing every homeowner wishes for, it’s a few extra square feet of space in each room of their home. It seems like we’re always running out of places to put things, which is frequently why attics, basements and garages become secondary storage areas instead of being utilized as functional spaces. Sure, you can always throw stuff out to free up space, but what happens when there’s more to keep than space available in your home?

The secret to getting the best of both worlds—keeping all of your possessions and freeing up critical space—is mastering home organization in Austin, TX. This means getting into an organized mindset first and foremost, and following through with practical solutions. Before you get started organizing, however, it’s important to know the options you have available to you and how they can best be leveraged in your home:

Cabinets: Cabinets are a best-fit storage solution for bathrooms and kitchens. However, they can also be applied elsewhere in your home where you’re running into a need for organization. Cabinets work to not just put things out of sight—they’re also your first option for compartmentalization. Being able to neatly organize items within cabinets means having easy access to them when you need them, and not having to deal with them cluttering up your living space in the meantime.
Closets: The concept of a closet isn’t new either, but it’s important to realize how you might be under-utilizing the closets in your home. Consider installing shelving, racks, drawers and more in your closets to create a tailored storage solution. Whether it’s storage for excess bathroom supplies or a smart way to house your seasonal attire during the offseason, closets are a critical pillar of home organization in Austin, TX.
Racking and shelves: In areas like the garage or basement, racking or shelving are quick and efficient ways to get things up off the floor and organized at the same time. Being able to organize items in a tiered way also helps to promote easy accessibility—no more bending over and breaking your back to pick up boxes or totes!
Hooks: Though you’re limited as to what you can organize and store via hooks, they’re incredibly useful when applied appropriately. Hang clothing, flags, banners, linens and more on hooks to keep them wrinkle-free while in storage, or just to make them accessible when you need them. Bags can also benefit from hooks!

Now that you understand a few of the most common options for home organization in Austin, TX, it’s time to put them to use in your home. Look at areas where you’re sacrificing square footage and try to envision those items in proper storage, whether it involves using a cabinet, closet, shelf or hook.
Is your home lacking viable storage options due to design? No problem! The home organization experts at Watermark & Company will gladly come to assess your floorplan, to see where we might be able to help you add any or all of the above features. We can help you reclaim your home’s square footage!