If you are looking to build an addition to your home, do some remodeling or have a new home built, you may be considering whether to use a general contractor or a design build firm. But how do you know which is the right option for your project?

General Contractor vs. design build

A general contractor is typically more concerned with the construction aspect of the project. They may subcontract some of the work and will have the actual design and plans for the project completed by an outside firm. This may take more time to complete and isn’t a seamless process, as plans are designed by someone outside the project.

A firm specializing in design build in Austin, TX, however, has an umbrella approach to construction, housing the full process of design and construction under one company. They start the process with design, creating your plans in house, which often allows for a faster and more seamless approach to the construction phase. Designers and construction experts work hand in hand on the project from start to completion, offering a turnkey product.

During design build in Austin, TX, quality is at the forefront during construction, as all of this has been predetermined in the design phase of the project. Because everyone is working together on the project, it goes smoother from start to finish. A design build also has architects on staff who follow the health, safety and code compliance of the project. They are up to date on all code requirements and ensure the project follows them, every step of the way.

Benefits of design build

There are several benefits to working with a company specializing in design build in Austin, TX. This is typically a faster process than using a contractor. A design build firm has all the resources to complete a project faster, while a general contractor may need to subcontract certain parts of the job, which takes time to coordinate.

From start to finish, there is quality control with a firm that offers design build in Austin, TX. Because the designer and contractor of a design build firm are working together for the same company, they don’t have the same disputes that a general contractor finds himself in with subcontractors. A design build firm is able to control the quality from the very beginning, ensuring the finished product is done to your expectations.

By going with a design build firm, you will also enjoy cost savings over the course of your whole project. Because the design and construction are housed together, a design build firm is able to offer considerable cost savings over a general contractor, which can’t always control the costs of subcontractors.

With a company specializing in design build in Austin, TX, you will be able to find everything you need for your home construction project under one roof. They will provide you a design for your project and control the quality of the construction throughout every phase. Watermark & Company is an award-winning design build firm serving the Austin area with custom home building and residential remodeling services. We’ve offered design, renovation and building services since 2004, and look forward to assisting with your project.